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Four climate-smart steps you can take before you fly

Here’s what you can do before you travel to be as climate-smart as possible.

1. Pack light
Think about whether you really need those extra clothes or the things you stuff in your bag at the last minute. Too much heavy baggage means increased energy consumption and emissions.
“You could perhaps buy or rent things when you arrive instead,” says Andersen Resare.

2. Pre-order your meal
To avoid unnecessary food being loaded onto the plane, it’s helpful if you pre-order your inflight meal wherever possible.
“That way, we reduce the need to transport food that nobody wants and potentially having to throw it away,” says Andersen Resare.

3. Check in digitally
E-tickets are now incredibly popular at SAS and many people are using digital services provided by SAS and checking in via the SAS App. If you’re not already doing it, give it a try. You can also download Scandi­navian Traveler in the app, which saves on weight and reduces waste.

4. Arrive in good time
Punctuality is a priority for SAS. And not just to arrive on time, but also for the sake of the environment.
“If there are delays, we sometimes have to fly faster than we would otherwise need to, which means increased emissions,” Andersen Resare says. “Everyone can help us with our punctuality by arriving in good time, ready for boarding.”
To minimize the risk of delays, it’s also important to check in large carry-on bags straight away to avoid any problems – and delays – at the gate or onboard before departure.

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