Manna La Roosa is one of Tallinn's coolest spots.
Manna La Roosa is one of Tallinn's coolest spots.

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World-class restaurant scene in Tallinn

Tallinn boasts an absolutely top-class restaurant scene. The wide variety of restaurants is enough to make any gourmet’s mouth water.Discover an accessible, vibrant metropolis that attracts all those with a taste for the finer things in life.

The restaurant scene in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is as varied as it is popular, with something to suit all palates and budgets. From the cozy little local restaurant that offers affordable meals in its garden, to the modern, award-winning gourmet restaurant that surprises with its artistic creations on a plate.

You’ll find everything from the luxury Asian Chedi, which serves Asian flavors with a modern twist, to Kohvik Moon, where the passion for Russian cuisine bubbles on the stove with the best ingredients.

But what the Baltic pearl of Tallinn perhaps does best of all is Estonian and Nordic cuisine, with an exciting twist.
The new trend in the city is “resto”, which means “classy” but at the same time “casual”, and it refers to a relaxed kind of restaurant with a homely environment, serving top-class food. A good example of “resto” is Leib Resto, which is one of the country’s hottest restaurants.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can enjoy a culinary smörgåsbord during your time in Tallinn – but be sure to make a reservation early!

Five top-class restaurants in Tallinn

Gourmet food at Cru.


The top choice if you want to feast on a real gourmet dinner in Tallinn. In the middle of the Old Town is this modern fine-dining restaurant, run by celebrity chef Dmitri Haljukov, who represented the country in the World Cooking Contest, Bocuse d’Or. Fish and meat dishes made from local ingredients and served in a romantic setting. Make your reservation early!

Viru 8

Kitchy Kohvik Moon.

Kohvik Moon

In a simple back street lies a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and kitsch décor that has been crowned one of the best in the country year after year. Here they transform local ingredients into Russian taste sensations, which look as good as they taste, accompanied by a wine list that manages to be both concise and complete. 

Võrgu 3

At Manna La Roosa all the art on the walls are for sale.

Manna La Roosa

Since it opened, Manna La Roosa has become one of the hottest hotspots in Tallinn – and it’s easy to see why. Greek chef Nikolaos Stavrakakis used to work at Noma (one of the world’s best restaurants) so you can be sure that the food here is amazing. Even the cool interior makes this bar/club/restaurant a must-visit when in Tallinn – all of the interior, including the artwork, is for sale, by the way! 

Vana-Viru 15

Leib Resto & Aed

Leib is Estonian for “black bread” and Estonians attach great importance to their black homemade bread. It stands for freshness, warmth, simplicity, and honesty, which are precisely the feelings the artisans at Leib Resto & Aed want to create as they prepare creative, seasonal cuisine with great passion and using simple Estonian ingredients. Try the crème brûlée with roasted leib and leib ice cream!

Uus 31


This award-winning contemporary Asian restaurant was born out of a love of Asian cuisine. At Chedi, they make sumptuous Asian food and it’s certainly not by chance: every detail of each dish is carefully thought out and elaborated to create the perfect balance between the Asian flavors, the best possible ingredients, and modern cooking techniques. 

Sulevimägi 1


This isn’t just a classic, top-class, fine-dining restaurant. The Gloria restaurant, which is located inside and underneath (!) the old city walls in the Old Town, also has the largest wine cellar in the Nordic region. And it is a wine cellar well worth a visit, even if you don’t aspire to be a sommelier. They also have a more basic menu with classics such as Caesar salad, caprese, and filet mignon, and cheesecake at reasonable prices. 

Vabaduse väljak 5



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