Calm down at a peaceful hotel on a Mediterranean island. Photo: Dan Kullberg
Calm down at a peaceful hotel on a Mediterranean island. Photo: Dan Kullberg


Sicilian Hotels that will calm you down

Nothing can be more calming then a peaceful hotel on a Mediterranean island, here are some truly relaxing Sicilian retreats

Tonnara di Scopello

A magic experience by the sea. Simple but tasteful apartments for rent for two to six people all with bathrooms and kitchens, but no TVs, telephones or air-conditioning.
Doubles from €80.

Largo Tonnara, Scopello

Hotel Torre Bennistra (3 stars)

Lovely terraces with sea views.
Double rooms with mountain views from €85, sea views €100.

Via N. Roma, Scopello

B&B Talia, Scopello

Intimate B&B with 1 single and 2 double rooms.
Double rooms from €50 a night (€60 with sea view).

Via San Michele, 22

Hotel Tempo di Mare, Favignana (4 stars)

Located on the waterfront.
This modern style hotel has standard rooms from €120.

Via Frascia, 6, Favignana

Hotel Cave Bianche (4 stars)

Located inside hundred-year-old quarries and surrounded by timeless sheer stone walls. Double rooms from 195€ a night.

Strada Comunale Fanfalo

Casa Il Carmine, Erice

Fall into a deep medieval sleep in this converted convent. Simple en suite doubles cost from €60 a night, including breakfast.

Piazza del Carmine, 23, Erice

Tonnara di Bonagia

Four star hotel by the sea, located in a tuna fishery from the 1600s.
Double rooms from €100.

Piazza Tonnara Bonagia – Bonagia, Valderice

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